Headlight Restoration

headlight restoration

Headlight restoration is a process that most people don't even realise can be achieved,  why spend your hard earned cash on brand new headlight lenses when you can have them restored at a fraction of the price of new ones.


We provide professional headlight restoration to our customers across Ireland and to make having your headlights restored hassle free, we are a mobile business so we can call to your home or workplace and restore your headlight lenses while you carry on with everyday life!


Headlight Restoration

Price for both headlights - €50

Time: 1 - 2 hrs


We call to your home or workplace and restore your headlights to like new condition again. 


Make a booking with us today and have your headlights restored before your NCT re-test.


Also your visibility while driving at night will be considerably better.


Headlight restoration is something that needs to be done professionally because with your vehicle in the wrong hands there is a major risk of damage being done to your headlights and also to the paintwork around the headlight lenses.


There is a correct procedure to headlight restoration and the end result should be crystal clear headlight lenses once the job is completed and also my advice to you is that if you get them done somewhere and they have become foggy or hazy again in a short period of time then they have not been done correctly or professionally.


Here at Crystal Clear Detailing we always take the care and attention needed to preform professional headlight restoration for our customers.


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The harsh reality is that almost all car headlight lenses are not made with glass anymore and are now made with polycarbonate and have a UV protective coating on them.


Over time the sun breaks down the UV protective film on headlights and they form oxidation which makes them look foggy or hazy.


The major problem with this is that it can limit your view while driving at night and cause an accident.


Foggy headlights will also fail an NCT test depending on their condition.


To Make a Booking Call: 0851431044


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